Who would have thought just two weeks ago, that, just as we’re catching our breath in the midst of a two-years pandemic, we would find ourselves thrown into the threats of a third world war?

My heart is heavy as I write these lines. And yet, today more than ever, I am committed to participating in birthing a new way of being and loving on this planet.

Today while the whole world is aghast at the devastation in Ukraine – I also want to hold space for a new way of loving that it is being born as I write. This new way is seeping through the cracks of the old warring systems and it’s important we celebrate it. I am speaking of all the women and men rising from all parts of Europe to offer support to their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. I am thinking of these women who are fighting for their freedom with their husbands, their brothers and fathers, while claiming how they won’t have their children grow up in the war. Fierce Ukrainian soldiers blurring the rules of war, helping Russian mothers find their captive soldiers’ sons. If this is not Outrageous Love* in action, what is?

Outrageous Love is breaking the boundaries of the old paradigm of “Us against them” in this key moment for the evolution of Love. Despite the destruction and horror, the power of Love is piercing through the armours  reminding us there is no THEM. This is a new way of being in war – a new way that leverages the boundary breaking subversive power of Love.

“We live in a world of Outrageous Pain, the only response to Outrageous Pain is Outrageous Love”. 

Dr. Marc Gafni

These words have never felt more poignant than today.

I am working on putting in place a therapeutic/trauma online support platform for anyone who needs extra support in these hard moments. If you are, or if you know someone who could benefit, please let me know. If you are a therapist, or a helping professional who wishes to contribute, let’s meet.

Together we rise!





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