(Sanctuary for her emergence)

A 9-month online immersion into the depths and breadth of your unique incarnation as Woman


SHE is a community of practice for women to cultivate their leadership capacity from within.

We meet every new and full moon for nine months. Each month I introduce a theme and some deep feminine sensitivities which you are invited to explore and cultivate throughout the month with specific practices,  inquiries, and embodiment rituals… Over time, these qualities infuse how we lead, live, and love. 

By holding the possibility of the miracle of life within our bodies, women —unlike men,  have direct embodied access to their Feminine essence. Through engaging in practices and rituals as a community, we create a powerful container where our somatic magic gets activated and together, we cultivate our connection to “Source” — the Love-Intelligence that drives All Life.

Known by many names (“God,” “Goddess,” “Universe,” to name a few), that “Source” is an inner knowing that lets us know of the necessity to embrace all beings as ourselves. It is the profound intuition of our unity and interconnectedness within a vibrant and alive cosmos.

Source expresses itself uniquely through us, as our unique blend of masculine and feminine qualities. As women, we must liberate ourselves from today’s confusing discourse on gender and the tendency to conflate the darker facets of masculinity with masculinity itself.

When we associate masculine traits with qualities like “power over,” aggression, oppression, and exploitation, and we then juxtapose these traits against healthy feminine qualities such as empathy, nurturing, community fostering, and holistic thinking, we fall short of fully capturing the complexity of how both sets of attributes show up uniquely within us, in all of their healthy and shadow forms.

This tendency disempowers us, from becoming the influential leaders and changemakers the world needs today.

Everyone, regardless of their gender, is a unique combination of feminine and masculine qualities that can be leveraged and developed. 


As women who care to contribute to creating a world that works for everyone, we need all our healthy feminine and masculine capacities. Without the ability to discern, hold a vision, and take action, it is impossible to wield our power, love, and wisdom in service of positive change. 

When a woman emerges as her unique self, a transformative process unfolds when her authentic leadership power naturally rises. 

Many of today’s problems were engendered by toxic aspects of the Masculine. Healthy Feminine essence brings qualities such as compassion, inclusion, and fostering community, which are vital today to generate fresh solutions from a different perspective. This type of wisdom differs in qualities from the wisdom that rises from “masculine essence.”

To address the world’s current issues, we need to imagine solutions from a different order of being than the one that created these issues in the first place.

Both wisdoms are needed and complementary. Both live in us as our Unique Selves and express themselves through our Unique Medicine. 

We don’t need more feminine values in leadership. We need more masculine and feminine values  at higher and healthier levels of consciousness.”

                                                                     —Dr. Marc Gafni 

Who is SHE for?

SHE (Sanctuary for Her Emergence) is for change-agents who identify as women and desire to cultivate a powerfully feminine, embodied leadership regardless of gender, age, background, sexuality, race, or religion. 

sanctuary for her emergence

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