(Sanctuary for her emergence.)

A deep dive into your sacred feminine.

(In a world in transition, you feel called to step into the unique and powerful woman you are.)

If you take one look at the news, from the global climate crisis to the Pandemic, to the threat of nuclear war and more, we are being confronted with our need to develop new ways of living together on this planet.

As women, we are being called to rise as our unique and powerful selves, to deepen our capacity to be with the unknown and lead the way in developing new ways of being and loving together as a human family.

“SHE” is a practice laboratory for embodying these news ways
— through a profoundly feminine lens.

No matter your current relationship with the feminine, one thing I know for sure is that each woman is a singular expression of All-that-is, inherently intuitive, and endowed with essential and sacred healing power. There is a specific way in which She, known by many names – wants to live in and through you. You embody Her in ways distinct to you through your singularly Unique Self. Your particular gift is your original medicine, the healing that no one else can offer in the exact way you do.

SHE (Sanctuary for Her Emergence) is a 9-month group coaching program entirely dedicated to women. It is open to all those who — regardless of age, background, sexuality, race, or religion — desire to cultivate a powerfully feminine, embodied spirituality and develop their capacity to offer their unique gifts to the world.

As an embodied woman, the Source, the Goddess, the Evolutionary Impulse — known by many names, lives in you, with you, and through you. So, what becomes possible when you work with Her* in a sisterhood of other seekers to consciously create your unique impact in the world? Let’s find out.

Register for the next cohort of SHE (kicking off December 21th, 2022).

The process

Designed as a spiral, SHE begins each year at the winter solstice and ends at the fall equinox of the following year. During nine lunar cycles, we explore and practice different facets and expressions of the Source (aka Goddess, aka She Who Cannot Be Named), as she lives within us and within All That Is.

Together we will travel within ourselves and alongside each other. Thus, nourished by the intense and powerful energy of sisterhood, we will weave a deep field of love between sisters of the heart, giving us the strength to rise and become the women we are.

What's included?

• Monthly themes synced with the moon where we explore a new facet of the sacred feminine, its power, and the emergence of the Source of Love within you.
• 3 short audio teachings per month complemented by written and guided practices
• 2 live webinars per month focused on coaching, teaching, and application of the teachings
• Content delivered primarily via audio recordings, through a private online platform

Each group being different, SHE evolves with the energy and the desires of the collective. Therefore, with the objective of co-creating a virtuous circle of love, all women participating in this program will be led to recognize and feel the Source of Love that flows within them, thus liberating their unique feminine for a more intuitive, connected, richer, and complete life.
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Register for the next cohort of SHE (kicking off December 21th, 2022).

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