(Sanctuary for her emergence.)

Helping women rise into leadership through women’s circles and rituals.

an online space that fosters deep connection and cross pollination between women changemakers across the world.

We are living in truly remarkable times. Times of great challenges that threaten our very existence on this planet. Within each crisis lies the possibility for transformation to a new and higher  order of things. Do you feel called to serve this world in transition? Do you long to meet other women like you along the path, to find inspiration, and support whenever you need it? 

“SHE” is a meeting place for women change-makers who seek to reclaim their unique medicine and impact the world with positive and sustainable change
— through a profoundly feminine lens.

There is a specific way in which Source, known by many names – wants to live in and through you as a woman. We all embody Source in ways distinct to us through our unique selves. Each of us has a particular gift that is our original medicine, the healing that no one else can offer in the exact way we do.

SHE (Sanctuary for Her Emergence) is a free online space  entirely dedicated to women change makers. It is open to all those who — regardless of age, background, sexuality, race, or religion — desire to cultivate a powerfully feminine, embodied leadership and develop their capacity to offer their unique gifts to the world.


sanctuary for her emergence


Entirely free, a space conceived as a sanctuary for your Emergence, which will grow as you grow, as we explore together what it means to RISE together as women architects of change. 


• Quarterly access to free workshops and webinars on specific themes and rituals around developing our unique leadership capacities.

• Access to free practices, guided rituals, and other resources that cultivate our deep feminine essence

•Discussion board for interactive sharing and cross-pollinating ideas between women changemakers. 

Ready to

a free online space for women to rise together.

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