Women Rise

Helping women changemakers lead from within

I help sensitive women changemakers move from depleted, isolated & discouraged to energized, inter-connected & engaged. I help them Rise above the chaos to become resilient and vibrant leaders with impact and influence.

As a reverent and sensitive woman changemaker working in a large and complex organization...

• Has your life-long desire to alleviate others’ suffering become stagnant? Has your heart become depleted and discouraged by the complexity of the global issues you’re tackling each day?

• Do you feel a gap between your subjective calling (the contribution you aspire to make in the world), and the objective impact you are able to have on the world? Do you feel confused without a clear vision for how to bridge that gap?

• In your work, have you ever felt forced to compromise your integrity and values? Does your job get the best of your passion? Have you neglected your own needs, and now finding yourself in a state of depletion or isolation?

• Do you ever feel unheard or afraid to share your intuition or insights with your colleagues, hiding parts of yourself in order to appear credible?

• In a world facing existential risk, are you losing hope that your contribution can make a meaningful and sustainable difference? As a result, are you becoming increasingly numb?

• During day-to-day interactions within your organization, do you ever feel alone, starved for something essential that is missing, and without a clear sense of meaning, direction or purpose?

• Do you ever feel frustrated, powerless, or angry when confronting systems and bureaucracies that limit your capacity to implement change and obstruct your genuine expression and creativity?

• Do you compare yourself with colleagues, fearing you will fail to make a unique contribution within your field of care and concern?

program details : the women rise modules

Module 01

Unveil & Reveal

Unveil your immunity to change

In our initial sessions, we illuminate often-unconscious and conflicting commitments and assumptions that keep you stagnant, depleted, discouraged and confused.

How we perceive ourselves and the world is often invisible to us, preventing us from making the changes we desire both within ourselves and our environment. We use exploration tools grounded in the latest developmental theories to unveil those foot-on-the-brake-limiting attributes that get in the way of your foot-on-the-pedal-desire for change.

Until you address your own barriers to change, it is difficult to tackle your organization’s immunity to change and the world’s immunity to change. Addressing your personal barriers to change allows you first to alleviate your own suffering, then to be more resilient as you navigate the complexity in your workplace.
Reveal the gap, clarify your vision, and build a bridge to get there:

Next, we set a powerful vision and design a blueprint for your vision: Through an in-depth inquiry that draws upon all three centers of knowing — mind, heart, body — we clarify: what is yours to do now, so you can bridge the gap between what your heart longs for, and what the world needs from you.

It is difficult to fill the gap between how you feel inside and the reality of your impact on the outside — between what it is you care about and what it is you are called to serve or change. A clear vision with a detailed blueprint to bridge those gaps is essential.

Module 02

Shed & Awaken

Shed the patterns that make up your habitual way of being:

Then we examine how and why you have compromised yourself throughout your life — constructing a false personality or False Self —to ensure your needs for love, safety, and belonging were met. We begin the work to shed your False Self, which prevents you from becoming who you’re called to be and from doing what you’re called to do.

While learning about your Enneagram type’s unique challenges and potentials, we engage in dynamic step-by-step practices to gradually deconstruct and shed the mental, emotional, and bodily contractions that keep you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you.

Unless you release yourself from the grip of your False Self, the energy you give to compromising your integrity and values remains trapped and unavailable to feed your passion. All impactful work is incumbent upon shedding one’s False Self and reclaiming your authentic needs.
Interrupt your conditioned emotional reactivity, engage the power of self-compassion, and definitively shed your False Self:

Next, you become intimate with the parts of yourself that you are hiding from others and from yourself.

Through the use of visualization, journaling, and practices focused on embodiment, self-compassion, and self-observation, you learn to embrace and listen to those wounded and hidden parts in safety and with compassion. You then begin to metabolize and shed the residual tensions that inhibit you from your natural expression.

Until you learn to listen to and embrace those hidden parts of yourself, you cannot expect others to hear you fully or see you as credible.
Awaken to your True Self — an embodied knowing that you are an inherent part of a Love-intelligence/field—which holds and supports you.

Here, you learn to awaken to the Love Intelligence/Unified Field/Source that underlies reality. By engaging in sacred technologies (including meditation, guided visualization, chanting, prayer, and other practices) that are aligned with your sensitivity, you absorb yourself in embodied states of deep love — not as a conditional human emotion, but as the force that coalesces all existence. You begin to experience its ultimate healing force for yourself, others, and the world. You feel more alive, with a renewed sense of hope and meaning.

Only through awakening to something bigger than yourself — the Source that animates you — can you find the energy and hope to implement meaningful and sustainable change in your sphere of influence. Only when can you feel carried by the Universe’s larger hands, can you know that you are making a difference, regardless of the results.
As you become increasingly able to access your innate wisdom, a new sense of direction and meaning guides your day-to-day interactions. While co-engaging in deep inner work within a loving community of like-minded women, you learn to align with dimensions and energies that expand your sense of self. As a woman changemaker, you realize that you are not alone but share an evolutionary purpose with other women changemakers across the world.
Dismantling your False Self and tapping into Source becomes more doable when you are a part of a deep field of practice alongside like-minded women. When you realize that your wisdom and purpose arise from a larger field of shared wisdom and purpose, you feel guided and supported through the complexity of your life and work.

Module 03

Shine & Show up

Shine by becoming better equipped to implement genuine and authentic change:
In this next stage, we help you access new ways of knowing that engage all three centers of intelligence: thinking, feeling, and sensing. Through guided practices that engage your unique creativity and expression, we support you to access more freedom and flow even as you meet the inevitable hindrances of working within a large bureaucracy.
The internal, bureaucratic, and societal challenges that you’re up against cannot be solved by that which created them. It is only when you upgrade how you show up & shine that change begins to emerge in your life and career.
Show up with your unique contribution, overcome the need to compare yourself to others and embark on effecting change that matters most deeply to you.

In the final stage, you RISE into your heart-centered wisdom and leadership, experiencing yourself and everyone else as unique beings with unique contributions.

We engage in alchemical practices that turn your most challenging life experiences and wounds into the soul-forging ingredients that make you uniquely designed to address specific changes within your field of care and concern. These practices harness your feminine sensitivity through poetry, music, and images, allowing you to tap into the unique ways you touch others and in which you are touched by others. As you become more attuned to yourself and others’ unique selves, you experience a deep reverence for what unites us — the One True Self / Source that shines through every person. As you become increasingly harmonized with your unique frequency, comparing yourself with anyone becomes irrelevant. You begin to show up & to shine from within, while appreciating others’ unique selves more fully.

As you invite others to RISE and take their seats at the table in a world that urgently needs all of our unique gifts, you begin to act from a place aligned with your heart’s wisdom. This allows you to constructively impact the world by effecting changes that matter most deeply to you.

Women RISE – A transformational program for women changemakers who work in large, complex organizations AND who want to RISE to global challenges from a place of integrated wisdom and heart so that they can implement the most impactful changes possible.

level 1

level 2

level 3

● Access all course materials through our Women RISE private online platform

Course materials are carefully-crafted and delivered throughout your nine-month journey and include: online assessments, PDFs, guided practices, recordings, and meditations. These allow you to prepare for each training call and to integrate what you have learned after completing each module.

Monthly Topics:

● Reveal your Immunity to Change
● Unveil your False Self’s limiting beliefs
● Shed the grip of your False Self’s patterns
● Awaken your True Self
● Shine a light upon your Unique Self’s gifts
● Show up as an empowered, heart-centered leader




● Monthly coaching & group training zoom calls (2 hours per call for a total of 18 hours):

Months 1 and 2: Unveil & Reveal Intro Module

In this introductory phase of RISE, we unveil your False Self’s patterns and its Immunity to Change to reveal a clear vision for your unique contribution to change in the world.

Months 3,4 and 5 Shed & Awaken Modules

In this next phase of RISE, we shed your False Self, whose habits have kept you stuck and frustrated. As you begin to shed these patterns, you cultivate access to your True Self and awaken within your inherent Source of wisdom and love. As you increasingly gain access to these resources and new ways of being, your life and work are infused with meaning, purpose, and direction.

Months 6,7, 8, and 9 Show up & Shine Modules

In this last phase of RISE, we focus on liberating your unique expression through carefully-designed practices intended to upgrade how you show up & shine. When you show up and shine as an empowered, heart-centered leader, you can RISE to the world’s challenges & meet those needs you care about most, with profound impact and influence.




Two hours of monthly Integration & Practice Live group calls (total of 18 hours):




● Two 90-minute private sessions

In the program’s first phase, receive private coaching through the murky period of unveiling your Immunity to Change. Complete a guided professional Enneagram assessment and debrief with a deep dive into your unique personality type. Then, through carefully-crafted and customized practices, we tackle your False Self’s habitual ways of being with precision to reveal a clear vision forward.



● Seven additional 60-minute monthly private sessions

Throughout all 3 phases of the program, receive monthly private coaching sessions. In addition to completing a guided professional Enneagram assessment and debrief, sessions will focus on the following critical steps in your unique RISE journey:

● Sessions 1 & 2
Unveil your False Self’s limiting beliefs & Immunity to Change to reveal a clear vision forward.

● Sessions 3 & 4
Shed the grip of your False Self’s patterns.

● Session 5
Awaken to your True Self.

● Sessions 6, 7 & 8
Shine a light on your Unique Self’s gifts.
Show up as your Unique Self, empowered to implement change in your life and career.

● Session 9
Embody & integrate your new way of being. Upgrade how you RISE to those world challenges & needs you care most about by doing so as an empowered, heart-centered leader with profound potential for impact and influence.


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