Your unique self
is your

(The only problem is that you doubt it.)

If you are a reverent, sensitive changemaker struggling to realize your potential and make your impact, I'm excited to meet you. Because my unique superpower in this lifetime is to coach and mentor heart-centered folks like you to finally overcome self-doubt and embrace the uniquely complex being that you are, so you can offer your innate gifts to be of greater service to the world.

You matter more than you know.

You see, humanity is at a crossroads, a time between two stories (not to mention multiple existential crises). And for all the awakening folks who stand for love, mutual aid, respect for our planet and its ecosystem, your vision is needed. 

Your unique perspective and gifts are in you for a reason, and when you step more into yourself, you naturally contribute to a better world.

Your empathic heart holds clues
to our collective evolution.

Don't deny us
your unique genius

My name is Claire Molinard. I am a Master Integral Coach™ with over 30 years of experience as an acupuncturist, coach, and somatic psychotherapist. I have developed my signature coaching process through deep inquiry and everyday practice that I call Unique Self Emergence. At the crossroads of psychology, energy healing, and spiritual transformation, I work with you on all aspects of your being: heart, body, soul.

Because each of us is unique, I tailor my approach to your particular needs and abilities. I meet you where you’re at in life to shine a light on the exquisite value of who you innately are and support you to go after your heart’s desires.

The kinds of results my clients get from working with me include (yet aren’t limited to):

• clarity on their life mission and passion
• greater connection to their intuition and heart intelligence
• A more embodied, tangible connection to Source/Spirit
• Greater sense of belonging and of being held in a friendly Universe
• Greater confidence, authenticity, and resilience in the face of life’s complexity and challenges
• Moving from reactivity to creative and heart-inspired action
• Greater sense of aliveness, passion, and joy in everyday life