Your unique gifts
are your

(You matter more than you know.)

humanity is at a crossroads, a time between narratives (not to mention multiple existential crises). as a woman, your unique gifts and sensitivity are within you for a purpose: they are the medicine only you can give in our collective effort toward creating a world that works for everyone.

your wisdom, love and power are needed now

Over the past three decades, I’ve walked the path of being a mother, a solo entrepreneur, a coach, a therapist, and a spiritual activist. I worked on weekends, evenings, and holidays, driven by my deep care and an endless list of tasks that demanded my attention. 

Maybe, like me, you’ve come to believe that guilt and exhaustion are somehow proof of your dedication. Perhaps you’ve come to accept the absence of joy is just the price to pay for being a changemaker, along with the sacrifices in your personal life. It’s almost like the more we suffer, the deeper we care. 

But there comes a time when burnout creeps in, and you find yourself drowning in an overwhelming sea of responsibilities. You might even feel unable to connect with the passion you once had for your work, and you start questioning everything – from your own self-worth to your true purpose in this world. I want to share four wisdom/facts with you that I learned along the way:   

Wisdom-Fact # 1:Real transformation begins from within. That’s just how the universe works. You can’t heal the world if you’re deeply wounded, and your self-care and well-being are crucial pieces of the puzzle.

Wisdom-Fact #2: Your impact as a changemaker depends directly on how grounded you are in something that is much, much, MUCH bigger than you.

Wisdom-Fact # 3: That “something” is the Source of All Life that animates you and All-That-Is, which has many names — God, Goddess, Love Intelligence, Eros, Universal Force… but cannot be named. (that’s how big it is)

Wisdom-Fact # 4: You are a Unique Expression of that “Source,” and as such, you are uniquely designed to heal and change an aspect of the world that only you can do. 


My program, Women Rise, is all about embodying these four Wisdom Facts deep inside you until every cell of your being resonates with them. (Note that I am writing “em-bodying.” Meaning, knowing this in your flesh and bones, not just your head.

Women Rise is more than just a program; it’s a journey to awaken the Source/Love Intelligence at the center of your being. Through this program, you will learn to stop splitting yourself and your world and see life through a holistic lens. You will embark on your unique transformative healing journey and awaken within yourself the expression of Source/Love so that it can shine through your unique prism.

My journey has shown me that we are all interconnected, and our ultimate purpose is to awaken to the Love Intelligence/Source that lives within each of us and to partner with that Source to commit our unique acts of love and healing. My mission is to share this wisdom with other women so they, too, can awaken to their unique purpose and lead with impact in their own spheres of influence.

With Women Rise, I’ve created a space where you can awaken to your unique purpose, finally find inner peace, reclaim your vitality, and enjoy meaningful connections—not just with other women like you but, most importantly, with yourself. I’ve woven profound inner work with practical tools to help you navigate this collective period of existential crisis and transformation. Expect both tears and laughter because this journey is about embracing all aspects of yourself and feeling deeply the gravitas of the times we stand in as a collective.

You might feel stuck right now, but I promise that with commitment, you’ll become an inspiring and inspired leader—making a significant impact on those frontlines while preserving your most precious asset: you. I’m here to be your partner in this, your cheerleader, a trusted confidant to hold a space for your own healing and transformation. Let’s dive into this journey together.


Your unique essence holds clues
to our collective evolution.

Don't deny us
your genius

Women Rise offers a developmental path to igniting your capacity to merge your love, power, and wisdom in the workplace. 

Women who take this program become trailblazers within their organizations and fields, leading by example and inspiring others to embrace their unique masculine and feminine qualities.

They become agents of social change, creating positive and lasting impact in the world and leaving a legacy of transformation.

The kinds of results you can expect when you work with me include (yet aren’t limited to): 

  • Greater confidence, authenticity, and resilience in facing your work’s complexity and challenges.
  • Moving from reactivity to creative and heart-inspired action and communication.
  • A clearer sense of purpose and mission at work and in life.
  • Greater sense of aliveness, passion, and joy in everyday life