"What you seek,
is seeking you". Rumi
claire molinard

If only we could tap into that essence, we would better serve the world, and ourselves.

As a young girl, I often had a sense of intangible yearning for something missing in my life. While conversations about spirituality or God were rare in my family, I knew deep down that there was more to life. This intuition led me to study  Chinese Medicine and Taoism in my early twenties, providing me with a holistic lens through which to perceive the world. The idea that true healing entailed a return to a state of wholeness resonated profoundly. I was obsessed with the quest to understand what it meant.  

As I ventured into the world, living across various continents and soaking in diverse cultures, I gradually grew more aware of the intricate links between the marginalization of women and the exploitation of our precious planet. As a woman of Mediterranean heritage, I felt this undermining deeply, even within my own familial context. Navigating motherhood and raising three daughters while trying to find my own place as an unconventional woman – these experiences became the fertile ground for my personal growth. 

My journey coaching women within international development and humanitarian circles was sparked by witnessing firsthand the passion and fierce commitment these women poured into their purposeful work. Yet, it was equally apparent that they struggled to fit into often male-centric work environments, which didn’t account for their perspectives and sensitivities. They were doing noble work, yet it felt like their devotion was draining them rather than fueling them. Too often, they operated from a space of scarcity and exhaustion. I began to sense that these women and myself were somehow disconnected from an intrinsic and vital essence. An essence that was much bigger than our individual selves and was the driving energy behind our profound aspiration to create a world that works for everyone. It was an intuition that…


If only we could tap into that essence,
we would better serve the world and ourselves.

Meanwhile, through spiritual and shadow work, peeling away layers of shame, and navigating my own intricate relationship with power, I was experiencing more self-compassion and self-acceptance. Gradually, I could perceive a deeper connection to that “something bigger.”  Yet, it was a singular moment, a transcendent encounter with boundless love and unity that brought unequivocal clarity to the intuition I had had all along.

One morning, while meditating, I was swept by an overwhelming surge of infinite love coursing through me with an intensity unlike anything I had ever known. This experience held an exquisite paradox – deeply intimate yet inherently universal.

This torrent seemed to emanate from a wellspring of Love intelligence, dwelling at the core of my being and woven through the fabric of all existence. In that instant, I realized my intrinsic part in the cosmic tapestry, and that realization became the guiding principle of my life and the inspiration behind my work.

This Love intelligence resonated as a profoundly feminine essence, a Source I could draw from deep within me. From then on, I lived with this question: 

How might I channel this force of love as an instrument to soothe, heal and transform suffering?

Through this inquiry, the inception of Women Rise was set in motion. 

My journey to create this work began as a sensitive girl on a quest to mend what was broken in herself and the world. It was honed as a young woman and later as a mother, traveling the world and immersing myself in holistic healing, spirituality, and coaching. Forged by the elements that carved my path, having moved through the shadows and landscapes of my brokenness, I eventually realized the intrinsic truth that I had ultimately never been broken.

I discovered that within every woman runs a deep river of incorruptible essence, a force unbreakable by design.

When embraced fully, this understanding awakens a woman to the radiance of Source or love that radiates through her unique prism. This connection is vital to becoming a powerful catalyst for change. 

The river that runs through me has been shaped by the hearts and minds of many teachers and mentors: Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa (The Mother), Amma, Master Dogen, Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Laura Divine, Joanne Hunt, Willem Reich, and Barbara Marx Hubbard. 

I am deeply grateful to Sally Kempton for teaching me to reconnect with the Divine Feminine through internalizing the essence of Hindu Goddesses. And finally, to my root teacher, Dr. Marc Gafni, for his profound lineage transmission of Unique Self. His teachings have transformed me and my work, ever since I began studying with him in 2013. His powerful distinctions on Lines and Circles have been instrumental in my approach to helping women reclaim their unique combination of love, power, and wisdom. 

“With clarity and deep compassion, Claire helped me access my deepest heart’s desires and to realize new concrete projects deeply aligned with my values. In addition, through engaging in new practices, I was able to develop new behaviors in my personal and professional life that allowed these new projects to be sustainable”.

Marie-Anne Amadieu

— External relations manager, UNHCR, Beirut —

Degrees and education

M.Sc. Oriental Medicine (Samra University of  Los Angeles)

M.A. Chinese Language and Taoist Philosophy, (INALCO, Paris)

Profesionnal Master Coach Certificate in Integral Coaching  (Integral Coaching Canada)

Diploma in Integral Leadership: Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems (Pacific Integral and LIOS, Saybrook University)

Practitioner Certificate in Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy (Netherland Institute of Core Energetics)  

Mysterial Woman, Emergence Leadership program Graduate