All my life, I have been
a highly sensitive seeker.

Claire Molinard

I have never stopped following my own path.

How could I share this force of love that I felt so intimately?

From my first taste of yoga and meditation as a rebellious teenager on a spiritual quest far from home, I was hooked on spiritual and healing practices. Next came acupuncture at age 22 — an approach that healed my long battle with anorexia and created a true awakening in my body, unleashing the innate healing and balancing power it conceals.

From there, I went on to commit myself to the path of The Tao by studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sri Aurobindo‘s Integral Yoga. This early immersion in Eastern thought and spirituality trained my mind for holistic thinking. It opened me to another vision of the world, where everything is linked, connected and where the micro is part of the macro.

I have always felt guided by an invisible hand,
shaping my life far from the imposed models.

My encounter with the work of the American philosopher Ken Wilber and his Integral Theory marked a second turning point in my life. A true epiphany, this new vision created the missing bridges between all the disciplines I had been exposed to.

As an Acupuncturist, I’d noticed that the treatment of body ailments was often accompanied by a freer expression of the heart and mind. I intuitively started listening to my patients in my acupuncture practice, and so it was a natural next step to train to become an Integral Coach and Core Energetics body-centered psychotherapist.

Founded in the 1970s by John C. Pierrakos, Core Energetics is a body-centered psychotherapeutic modality that bridges the gap between psychotherapy and spirituality.  Based on the works of Willem Reich and on The Pathwork‘s psycho-spiritual teachings, this approach integrates the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human life.

These two approaches provided me with powerful frameworks for understanding the whole human that I use to support my clients in my coaching practice today.

Through all the work I had done, I had experienced many fleeting moments of awakening, during which my ordinary consciousness melted into a limitless and universal consciousness. These moments were followed by a sense of fulfillment that quickly faded as soon as my ego took over.

But then came a day when I sat on my cushion to meditate, and I was gifted by an unexpected feeling of infinite love, both intimately personal and universal. At that moment, I recognized a deeper intelligence that I could see was at the very heart of everything. Afterward, as I tried to make sense of the immense power of what I had felt, my inner questioning intensified:

How might I channel this force of love as an instrument to soothe, heal and transform suffering?

While wrestling with this question, I found  Dr. Marc Gafni’s teachings on the Unique Self, which opened a whole new dimension of revelation for me. His brilliant integration of mystical Kabbalah, Eastern spiritual traditions, and the latest findings of Western developmental sciences and psychology, has profoundly transformed me and become the cornerstone of my coaching approach.

Where most spiritual traditions end at the awakening of a universal self, Gafni believes that is only the first step. The second step is to embody this universal energy in a “post-personal self” — the “Unique Self,” since we each perceive the world through a distinct perspective and can only ever experience the universal through the intimacy of our inner world.

A pioneer in this field of thought, Dr. Gafni provides a path for seekers to integrate spirituality through action.

Each human has infinite value and dignity — being a unique expression of the evolutionary process, informed by the reaching of all of life toward greater intelligence and sophistication. This understanding came to validate my intuition: this Force of Love is at the heart of the transformation and healing of the world.

Today I offer coaching and run workshops and retreats in various capacities, online or in-person from my home in Corsica, where I live with my husband, our daughters and our pets.

“With clarity and deep compassion, Claire helped me access my deepest heart’s desires and to realize new concrete projects deeply aligned with my values. In addition, through engaging in new practices, I was able to develop new behaviors in my personal and professional life that allowed these new projects to be sustainable”.

Marie-Anne Amadieu

— External relations manager, UNHCR, Beirut —

Degrees and education

M.Sc. Oriental Medicine (Samra University of  Los Angeles)

M.A. Chinese Language and Taoist Philosophy, (INALCO, Paris)

Master Coach Certificate in Integral Coaching  (Integral Coaching Canada)

Diploma in Integral Leadership: Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems (Pacific Integral and LIOS, Saybrook University)

Practitioner Certificate in Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy, (Netherland Institute of Core Energetics)