All my life, I have been
a highly sensitive seeker.

Claire Molinard

I have never stopped following my own path.

How could I share this force of love that I felt so intimately?

Growing up, my family and broader cultural influences did not consider God nor spirituality much; however, I always felt guided by an invisible hand, shaping my life far from any imposed models and my intuition spoke to a lack of wholeness within me and within the world. Without the language nor much of a framework for understanding this lack, I initially felt quite alone on my journey. But this lack of priming and a tabula rasa for spiritual knowing was, in fact, a gift: It was that initial pain of fragmentation – both as I experienced it in myself and the world at large, which compelled me to embark on a quest to know who I am and who “God” is.

One pivotal moment on my journey came early on in life while working towards my master’s degree in Chinese Medicine, slowly realizing that everything is connected and, conversely, that the process of healing is the process of returning to that connected and whole state. The gift of discovering a system of interconnectedness trained me to stop splitting things within myself and my world and see life through a holistic lens. I began to realize that what I had been painfully missing was two-fold: a vision of the intimacy between parts – the way in which all of these typically-compartmentalized sectors of the world, my work and my being, functioned together; and a consciousness that Love is our holding power, the glue that connects all the parts – the intelligent and all-knowing Source, sap and seed of all life.

I have always felt guided by an invisible hand,
shaping my life far from the imposed models.

This intuition was regularly confirmed throughout years of living and working overseas, meeting and existing alongside many people who worked in intergovernmental organizations, including in France, Angola, Nigeria, Oman,  and across the United States. Most saliently, I saw that women often gave their all, trying to fix things but not from a place of wholeness and connection to Source.

As one of these women, I saw that many of us were animated by our strong sensitivity to injustice – and it was completely draining; we were giving the best of ourselves without supplying our own needs, often making sacrifices and frequently lonely. I considered how much better we could serve our world and ourselves if the love we were giving came from Source, rather than from a place of lack and finiteness. I contemplated how more impact we could have in the world if, rather than exhausting ourselves to be and do more, we knew what is ours to do, according to whom we truly are, as unique expressions of Source.

Concurrently, I was cultivating my connection to Source, walking my path of healing, and engaging in regular spiritual practices, even as I struggled in my marriage and as a mother raising our three daughters. Despite all my efforts and seeking, I was still experiencing myself and the world as fragmented and disjointed. However, one memorable day, I was sitting down to meditate on the same cushion I had meditated on for many years when I was gifted with a feeling of infinite Love – a force of Love unlike anything I had experienced before, that felt simultaneously both intimate and personal as well as universal. At that moment, I could sense a deep and powerful intelligence at the very heart of everything – Source / Love. From then on, my inner questioning intensified: How could I share this force of Love that I felt so intimately? 

How might I channel this force of love as an instrument to soothe, heal and transform suffering?

My holistic lens became more focused, and I began to experience the world and myself more compassionately. The fractured pain that had once propelled me on a global odyssey was now healing within me. This ultimate Source /Love, then became the driving force for creating Unique Self-Emergence: When I began to live with Love as my Source, my unique purpose began to reveal itself: 

Today, I help other women change-makers awaken to the Source / Love at the center of their beings so they can show up as their unique selves and lead with impact in their own spheres of influence. 


In hindsight, my journey to develop Women Rise began as a sensitive girl on a quest to mend what was broken in herself and the world. It was honed as a globe-trotting young woman and mother immersed in holistic healing, spirituality, and coaching. It became more finely tuned as I received guidance from experienced healing practitioners, teachers, and wise everyday folks across cultures and traditions. These seemingly disparate parts of my journey, covering the far reaches of the globe, have now merged into my guiding premise: Each of us has a unique transformative healing journey to be on, one meant to unearth within us the expression of Source / Love so that it can shine through our unique prisms. As such, each of us is of infinite value and dignity, with unique gifts to offer in our shared world’s transformative healing. 

“With clarity and deep compassion, Claire helped me access my deepest heart’s desires and to realize new concrete projects deeply aligned with my values. In addition, through engaging in new practices, I was able to develop new behaviors in my personal and professional life that allowed these new projects to be sustainable”.

Marie-Anne Amadieu

— External relations manager, UNHCR, Beirut —

Degrees and education

M.Sc. Oriental Medicine (Samra University of  Los Angeles)

M.A. Chinese Language and Taoist Philosophy, (INALCO, Paris)

Master Coach Certificate in Integral Coaching  (Integral Coaching Canada)

Diploma in Integral Leadership: Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems (Pacific Integral and LIOS, Saybrook University)

Practitioner Certificate in Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy (Netherland Institute of Core Energetics)  

Mysterial Woman, Emergence Leadership program Graduate