Ignite your heart

with meaningful impact

I’ll help you recover your unique medicine

As a reverent, sensitive woman change-maker working in a large organisation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the global issues you tackle with each day. You may feel powerless, lost, or angry in the face of the existential challenges humanity is facing at this time.
Some days   you feel it all!

It can be tempting to close your heart just to get by. But when you close yourself to pain, you also close yourself to joy. And joy is essential on the journey to our collective evolution.

So how do we feel the pain of the world

without becoming immobilized by it?

How do we contribute to a better world

without losing heart?

When you know what’s yours to give, you can put your love into action. We each have a role to play toward creating a world that works for everyone.

What’s yours
to fix
or change ?

Let’s find out together. Here’s how you can work with me

meet  Claire.

I help women changemakers move from stuck and overwhelmed to heart-centered and empowered. I help them rise above the increasing complexity of organizational and global issues to become leaders who have profound impact and influence.

I believe that each woman working on implementing global change today has gifts that are essential to the transition our world is going through. There is great power in knowing clearly what’s ours to do. The key to that knowing is to be found in the depth of  our heart’s deepest desire. 

With over 30 years as an holistic health practitioner, integral coach, and somatic psychotherapist, through both deep inquiry and everyday practice, I have developed my signature coaching process that I call Unique Self Emergence. At the crossroads of psychology, deep feminine wisdom, and spiritual transformation, I work with you on all aspects of your being: heart, body, soul.

Because each woman has a unique set of gifts and challenges, I meet you where you’re at in life and help you  go where you most want to go, so you can give your unique gifts in your sphere of influence, care and concern. 

The change you most want to see in the world begins   within you.

the key lies in the energy of your heart's deepest desire