Igniting the hearts

of women changemakers


As a woman who cares deeply about the world, do you feel torn between your organisation's expectations and your desire to drive positive change? Perhaps you're feeling frustrated that your workplace doesn't fully align with your deep sense of purpose, perhaps you've come to believe that exhaustion and lack of joy is the price to pay to be a changemaker.
Some days, it all hits you - the pressure to conform, the lack of support and recognition, and the sense of being distant from your purposeful work.
some days   you feel it all...

Are you feeling depleted due to the intense emotional and physical demands of working in your field?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues you are dealing with?

Have you compromised your values or personal needs for the sake of your work?

Do you feel unseen or isolated, leading to hiding parts of yourself and your ideas in the workplace?

Are you losing hope in making a meaningful and sustainable difference in a world facing multiple catastrophic and existential risks?

Are you feeling hindered by systems and bureaucracies that prevent you from working effectively or that limit your ability to be creative or innovative in your approach?


What if something essential about you was ready to emerge?

what if your unique essence

was calling you from within?

In today’s workplace, the dominance of a model focused on facts, intellect, and linear thinking over intuition, feelings, and holistic vision may have led you to suppress essential aspects of yourself. But pretending to be someone you’re not takes tremendous energy. It erodes your confidence and robs you of your authentic power. 

What if you could tap into the deep reservoir of your essential and unique self and reclaim your full authenticity as a leader? Imagine… 

what would it be like
 lead from a place of inner confidence and coherence?

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meet  Claire.
My name is Claire Molinard, and I help women changemakers move from feeling fragmented, depleted, and disconnected to feeling coherent, resourced, and interconnected. I help them rise above the chaos to become resilient and confident leaders with more impact and influence. I believe that when a woman rises, it uplifts all others. When enough women (and men) emerge as empowered and  authentic leaders for the causes they care about, this can spark a cultural and social transformation worldwide.

Through my signature coaching program, Women Rise, I blend developmental psychology, ancient feminine wisdom, and spirituality to nurture an internal ecosystem where your leadership and your gifts  can emerge from your unique essence.

Women Rise is designed to address the challenges women changemakers encounter in their workplaces and organizations. By engaging in a developmental process designed to tap into their feminine essence, while developing their capacity to step into their power, hold strong intentions, and take action, women become more able to access their unique combination of both masculine and feminine qualities. As a result, they are more able to be in service of positive and lasting change within their organizations and beyond.

By inspiring others to do the same, they create environments that foster creativity, empathy, and collaboration. They become trailblazers in their fields, empowering others to embrace their unique qualities and make a difference.