Igniting the hearts

of women changemakers

helping them lead from within

As a woman change-maker working in a large organization, it’s easy to feel disheartened by the complexity of the global issues you tackle with each day. You may feel depleted, isolated or frustrated in the face of the existential challenges humanity is facing at this time.
Some days   you feel it all!

Are you feeling depleted as a result of the intense emotional and physical demands of working in your field?

Do you feel discouraged by the complexity of the issues you are dealing with?

Have you compromised your values or personal needs for the sake of your work?

Do you feel unheard and isolated, leading to hiding parts of yourself and your ideas in the workplace?

Are you losing hope in making a meaningful and sustainable difference in a world facing existential risk?

Are you feeling hindered by systems and bureaucracies that prevent you from carrying out your work effectively, or that limit your ability to be creative or innovative in your approach?

how do you stay open to the pain of the world

without becoming immobilized by it?

How do you contribute to a better world

without losing heart?

We all have a role in creating a   better world, but taking on too much or suppressing essential parts of ourselves can lead to feeling disheartened,  discouraged, depleted, or isolated. When you know what is uniquely yours to do –and when you are leading from an interior compass, informed by your innate heart-wisdom, you can make a meaningful impact on the issues you are passionate about.

 influence on the
changes you care about

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meet  Claire.

I am deeply committed to unleashing the spiritual and emotional intelligence of women change makers, with the ultimate goal of sparking worldwide social transformation. I firmly believe that when one woman rises, it uplifts others, and I am dedicated to empowering empathetic and intuitive women change-makers  to cultivate their innate strengths and embrace a profound sense of purpose.

Through my signature coaching program, Women Rise, I blend psychology, ancient feminine wisdom, and spiritual practices to nurture an internal ecosystem where your unique gifts can emerge.



Women Rise is designed to address the specific challenges that sensitive women change-makers encounter within their organisations. 

When sensitive women embrace their caring and intuitive nature as a gift, rather than see it as a hindrance, they discover that their unique  perspectives have the power to  influence positive and lasting change within their organisations and beyond. By inspiring others  to do the same, they create environments that foster creativity, empathy, and collaboration, resulting in sustainable and meaningful transformation. They become trailblazers in their fields, empowering others to embrace their own unique qualities and make a difference in the world.