Women   Rise

Women Rise is a podcast and a movement.

Every week, I interview women changing the world through how they interact in their workplaces. I call these women ‘Organizational Shamans” because they are experts at straddling two worlds: The world of systems and often rigid structures which still characterize most big organizations today and the more subtle and intangible realms of emotional and spiritual intelligence. These women are ordinary heroines who – in addition to being leaders in their worlds- often raise children, care for their loved ones, and work colleagues… They are reverent to all life and strive to make the world better around them through their care and concern. This podcast aims to reveal a new paradigm of leadership that is finding its way through the workplace today, which these women embody or strive to bring forth. If you feel inspired by these words, you might be one of them. Contact me if you’d like to be considered for an interview. Or take this survey to find out whether you are a good fit for my podcast. 

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