A 1:1 coaching program
for sensitive reverent changemakers.

Make the impact you’re here to make.

(Your Unique Self is calling you to rise.)

You have big dreams, but being human also means juggling self-doubt, residual traumas, limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck. So, what do you do when your biggest obstacles are so intangible, unconscious, and hard to pin down?

The Rise  private coaching program is a powerful way to receive deep and tailored support to get out of your own way and become essentially and unapologetically YOU. When you awaken to your Unique Self, realizing your vision for impact flows naturally, as you trust yourself to navigate each step of the way.

Our work together is not just about shedding the old. It’s about awakening the heart and the body intelligence to accessing and revealing what’s essentially unique in you.

Deep down, we all know that there is something unique about us, but we are told claiming that is egoistic; often, we are too insecure or fragmented to trust that intuition.

What if I told you claiming that uniqueness is what calls you toward your greatest potential? I believe that embracing your singularity is your divine task that unlocks your contribution to the greater whole. Together, we discover what makes you unique and heal what keeps you from embodying and shining it in the world.

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How does it work?

Together we clarify your goals for development and design a bespoke coaching program that follows the three Unique Self Emergence phases of “Shed”, “Awaken”, and “Shine”, to support you to a radical shift of awakening while meeting your unique trajectory of growth and contribution.

The whole process is available as a nine-month coaching trajectory or can be taken incrementally as three distinct modules, (Shed, Awaken, and Shine.)

Program details / the Rise Modules


Unique Self Immersion

Preliminary Module
3 Sessions + assessments and work in between

A discovery package that can be taken as a standalone or as the first step in the entire Rise program.
Here we draw upon all the ways of knowing — body, mind, and heart, to clarify your current heart’s deepest desire, to get clear on your growth edge, and what developmental steps are needed to awaken you into what’s next.



4 sessions + practices in between

How you perceive yourself and the world is often invisible to you. Not only is it hidden, but also it unknowingly prevents you from making the changes you desire. We use several exploration tools in the Shed Module to access a comprehensive view of your innate perspectives. This is the first phase of the “Waking Up” process – when you wake up from your sole identification to being a Separate Self. While this inherited worldview has many positive qualities, you’ll find that its limiting attributes can serve as a “foot on the brake” that gets in the way of your “foot on the pedal” desire to change. That’s your Immunity to Change. From there, we’ll chart a path toward a more profound and broader way of being, one that involves learning new competencies through specific practices, reflection, feedback, and support. 

• Learn how the Separate Self develops as part of the expected trajectory of individuation
• Discover how a unique personality pattern, called the False Self emerges as part of this developmental phase
• Deconstruct the False Self patterns that block your growth and development by developing the capacity to witness your pattern and release the emotional and bodily contractions that make up your Immunity to Change
• Open to the healing power of compassion
• Free yourself from the emotional and bodily contractions that inhibit your natural expression and fulfilment 

Wake up from your sole identification to Personality





3 sessions + practices in between

As you loosen the grip of your False Self pattern, you’ll engage in practices that assist you to drop more deeply into True Self — that experiential reality of interconnectedness with the Love Intelligence, the Source of All-That-Is. Here, you awaken to the realization that your essence, who you really are at the deepest level, is One with this Source. Here, we continue the Waking Up process initiated in the Shed Module, as we cultivate the capacity to live from the Ground of Being. Known by many names, this is the One True Self of which you and everyone are a part of. 

• Learn how the True Self is remembered
• Discover your unique path to connect with Source

• Discover the spaciousness available to you when you Wake-Up to your True Self identity, and learn to live from this Ground of Being

• Experience resting in and being held by Source
• Experience the interconnectedness of your life with all life
• Experience more ease in navigating life’s challenges



7 sessions + practices in between + 1 ritual session to mark the completion of your entire journey*

Oneness for many spiritual traditions is the end of the journey. Unique Self Teachings, however, take you to the subsequent realization — you are a unique expression of Source. The Love Intelligence you discovered in the previous Module is living in you, as you and through you in an absolutely unique expression of human divinity.

In this phase (Clean Up; Grow Up and Show Up) you’ll engage in practices to clarify your Unique Shadow; identify and foster your Unique Self, the amazing and particular way that Source shows up as you, that is different than anyone else in the world. You learn to anchor the consciousness of this reality in your day-to-day life while welcoming uncertainty, ambiguity, and change as necessary aspects of living your unique self. Your growth continues as you discover your uniqueness and come to realize that you are a precious gift to the world. Your Unique Self continues to emerge as you tap even more deeply into your unique manifestation and the unique medicine you offer to the world. You find you have an obligation to offer yourself for the good of the world as you recognize that you are being lived by Source. Living in the flow of this energy is the true purpose of human existence.

Clean Up: Learn how your shadow is a path to your Unique Self
Grow-Up: Develop the capacity to hold your Unique Self center amid life’s challenges
• Cultivate love and compassion for yourself/others/all beings
• Translate the felt sense of your unique gift into its expression through language, voice, and actions
Show Up: Respond to the obligation that your gift entails by offering yourself to the world
• Find the true Love that lives at the core of your being and experience the joy and delight of being lived as that Love Intelligence
• Move towards greater contact, creativity, and depth in all dimensions of your life
• Ground your unique offering in your particular circle of care and concern

Modules can be taken individually
or as a single 9–12 month-long immersion.

1:1 Coaching Program

Prices for each module and for the full program available on demand. Please contact me.

See if this is a fit for where you’re at in your journey today.

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