Autumn Equinox Ritual

The day of the Equinox and the 2 days before and after offer a great portal which we can align with, as the cosmic energies take a holy pause through the equal length of days and nights, light and dark. This is a great time for us to turn to, as a way to reach […]

Rumi, on “Unique Self”

  Rumi knew about Unique Self. He knew about Unique Obligation and Unique Gift. He didn’t use these words, but he certainly had a clear sense of what it means to be in service to SHE ( this is my favorite term for “God”, “Source”, the Universe ( known by many names). This text below […]

Our hearts are bleeding

Our hearts are bleeding with outrage as we watch for the third week of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine. While their hospitals, maternities, and schools are being bombed, Ukrainians continue to stand strong as a nation, even as bodies are piling up in mass graves and over 3 million refugees are fleeing their country, leaving […]

How is your heart in this poignant time between stories?

Who would have thought just two weeks ago, that, just as we’re catching our breath in the midst of a two-years pandemic, we would find ourselves thrown into the threats of a third world war? My heart is heavy as I write these lines. And yet, today more than ever, I am committed to participating […]