Women Rise

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a comprehensive and transformational 9-month program designed for women changemakers who are ready toRise above the chaos and become resilient and vibrant leaders in their organizations. through an integrated process that engages all three centers of intelligence (mind, heart, and body), this program facilitates an inner transformation that enables women to RECLAIM THEIR UNIQUE MEDICINE AND IMPACT THE WORLD WITH POSITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE CHANGE — THROUGH A PROFOUNDLY FEMININE LENS.

You matter more than you know.

women Risecomes in three modules at three possible levels of participation.
all levels deliver the same sequential program:

Module 01

Sense & Reveal

Sense into your next emergence, identify the gap

We begin the journey with an in-depth inquiry into what’s next in your emergence as a leader. After sensing your heart’s calling and exploring what is yours to do, we set a powerful intention statement that can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go. 

Unlike men, who tend to “set goals,” women are more inclined to “sense” into their “what’s next.” While the first approach engages our mind’s capacity to envision, the second tends to engage more of our heart’s capacity to feel and our body’s ability to tap into our deepest desires. We need all three approaches. Through an in-depth process that engages all three centers of knowing (Mind, Heart, and Body), we align your vision, heart, and intuition into one clarified purpose.

Reveal Your Imunity to change

How we perceive ourselves and the world is often invisible to us, preventing us from making the changes we desire within ourselves and our environment. Here, we illuminate the unconscious and conflicting commitments and assumptions that keep you stuck in specific behaviors and thought patterns and perpetuate your feelings of depletion, fragmentation, and isolation.

We use exploration tools grounded in the latest developmental theories to unveil those foot-on-the-brake-limiting attributes that get in the way of your foot-on-the-pedal-desire for change.

Until you address your own immunity to change, it is difficult to tackle your workplace’s immunity to change or the world’s immunity to change. Handling your personal barriers to change allows you first to alleviate your suffering and then be more resilient as you navigate the complexity of your workplace.

Module 02

Shed & Awaken

Shed the patterns that make up your habitual way of being:

Here, we examine how and why you have compromised yourself throughout your life — constructing a false personality or false self — to ensure your love, safety, and belonging needs were met. While learning about your Enneagram type’s unique challenges and potentials, we engage in dynamic step-by-step practices to gradually deconstruct and shed the mental, emotional, and bodily contractions that make up your habitual way of being and keep you feeling depleted, fragmented, and isolated.


Unless you release yourself from the grip of your habitual way of being, the energy you give to compromising your integrity and values remains trapped and unavailable to feed your passion. All impactful work is incumbent upon shedding what no longer serves you and reclaiming your authentic needs.

Interrupt your conditioned emotional reactivity, engage the power of self-compassion and definitely shed what no longer serves you:

Next, you become intimate with the parts of yourself that you are hiding from others and yourself.

Through the use of visualization, journaling, and practices focused on embodiment, self-compassion, and self-observation, you learn to embrace and listen to those wounded and hidden parts in safety and with compassion. You then begin to metabolize and shed the residual tensions that inhibit you from your natural expression.

Until you learn to listen to and embrace those hidden parts of yourself, you cannot expect others to hear you fully or see you as credible. 

Awaken to your True Self — an embodied knowing that you are an inherent part of a Love-intelligence/field—which holds and supports you.

Once you are able to recognize and shed the false self patterns that keep you trapped in habitual ways of being, you begin to feel more spacious inside. By engaging in sacred technologies (including meditations, guided visualizations, and other practices aligned with your sensitivity), you learn to access a more profound sense of embodied love — not as a conditional human emotion but as an indwelling Love-Intelligence/ Source at the core of reality, which is your True Self. You begin to experience its ultimate healing force for yourself, others, and the world. You feel more alive, with a renewed sense of hope and meaning.

You can only find the energy to implement meaningful and sustainable change in your sphere of influence by awakening to something bigger than yourself- the Source that animates you. When tuned into this Source,  your leadership aligns with a powerful force of love that animates and guides you from within. 


As you become increasingly able to access your innate wisdom, a new sense of direction and meaning guides your day-to-day interactions. While co-engaging in deep inner work within a loving community of like-minded women, you learn to align with dimensions and energies that expand your sense of self. As a woman changemaker, you realize that you are not alone but share an evolutionary purpose with other women changemakers worldwide.

Dismantling your habitual patterns and tapping into Source becomes more doable when you are a part of a deep field of practice alongside like-minded women. When you realize that your wisdom and purpose arise from a larger field of shared wisdom and purpose, you feel guided and supported through the complexity of your life and work.

Module 03

Grow up & Show up

Grow up by becoming better equipped to implement genuine and authentic change:

In this next stage, you learn to cultivate new ways of knowing that engage all three centers of intelligence: thinking, feeling, and sensing. Through guided practices that develop and engage your unique combination of masculine and feminine qualities, you access more freedom and flow even as you meet the inevitable frustrations of working within a complex and ever changing environment. 

The internal, bureaucratic, and societal challenges that you’re up against cannot be solved by that which created them. It is only when you upgrade how you engage with them, drawing from all three centers of intelligence, (mind, heart, and body) that you can begin to wield your wisdom, love, and power in your life and career.

Show up with your unique contribution, overcome the need to compare yourself to others and embark on effecting change that matters most deeply to you.

In the final stage, you rise into your wisdom, love, and power, experiencing yourself and everyone else as unique beings with unique contributions.

Here, you engage in alchemical practices that turn your most challenging life experiences and wounds into the soul-forging ingredients that make you uniquely designed to address specific changes within your field of care and concern. These practices harness your sensitivity through poetry, music, and images, allowing you to tap into the unique ways you touch others and in which others touch you. As you become more attuned to yourself and others’ unique selves, you experience a deep reverence for what unites us — the One True Self / Source that shines through every person. As you become increasingly harmonized with your unique frequency, comparing yourself with anyone becomes irrelevant. You begin to show up from within while fully appreciating others’ unique selves.

As a leader, you begin to act from a place of full coherence with your unique essence. This allows you to constructively impact the world by effecting changes that matter most deeply to you. You can now take your seat at the table of a world that urgently needs your unique gifts. 

 three possible levels of participation

level 1

level 2

level 3

● Access all course materials through our Women RISE private online platform

Course materials are carefully-crafted and delivered throughout the nine-month journey and include: online assessments, PDFs, guided practices, recordings, and meditations. These allow you to prepare for each training call and to integrate what you have learned after completing each module.

Monthly Topics:

● Sense into your next level of emergence
● Reveal your Immunity to Change
● Shed the grip of your habitual way of being’s patterns
●  Awaken to the Source of Love within you
● Grow up and learn to operate from all three centers of intelligence
● Show up in your unique combination of Wisdom, Love and Power. 




Monthly mentoring & group coaching zoom calls (2 hours per call):

Months 1 and 2: Sense & Reveal Module:

In this introductory phase, we sense into your next emergence and reveal the Immunity to Change that gets in the way of you being and becoming who you most want to be in the world. You will complete a guided professional Enneagram assessment and receive a full written debrief to understand your unique personality type.

Months 3,4 and 5 Shed & Awaken Module

Here, your habitual way of being begins to shed as the habits that have kept you stuck and frustrated become more visible. As you shed these patterns, you engage in practices to awaken to the inherent Source of love within. As you increasingly gain access to these resources and new ways of being, you begin to awaken to a whole new dimension of being. Your life and work begin to be infused with more meaning, purpose, and direction.

Months 6,7, 8, and 9 Grow up & Show-up Module

In this last phase, our focus is to cultivate new ways of knowing that engage all three centers of intelligence, to explore your unique combination of love power, and wisdom, and to reclaim your unique gifts. Through carefully designed practices, you upgrade how you lead from your authentic wisdom, love, and power. You begin to implement the inner tools that allow you to rise above the chaos & implement change with more impact and influence.




Monthly Integration & Practice Live intimate group calls ( max.of 10 people per group, 2 hours per call)




● Three 60-minute private sessions. 

Alongside the mentoring and monthly group calls, benefit from individualized support and receive one private coaching session at each critical step of the program (in months 1, 3, and 6). These sessions are designed to address your specific challenges with laser focus and provide customized care to maximize your progress.



Seven additional 60-minute private sessions ( in addition to the three above, hence ten sessions in total). 

Alongside the mentoring and monthly group calls, benefit from sustained individualized support through monthly private coaching sessions dedicated to addressing your specific challenges with customized support. These sessions are designed to maximize your growth and development as you navigate each crucial step of your unique RISE journey.

Sessions 1 & 2: 
Sense into what’s next. Reveal your false self’s limiting beliefs & Immunity to Change.

Sessions 3 & 4
Shed the grip of your habitual way of being patterns.

Sessions 5 & 6
Awaken to Source and learn to resource in your feminine essence. 

Sessions 7 & 8
Grow up and reclaim your unique self’s gifts.
Show up as an empowered leader whoin your life and career.

Sessions 9 & 10
Embody & integrate your new way of being. Upgrade how you live, lead, and love. Rise as a unique leader empowered to do what is yours to do. 


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