Your Unique Self  is ready
to emerge.

(Will you answer the call?)

In this experiential 2-day workshop, you will learn the three practices at the core of the Unique Self Emergence Process. You will come out of these two days with more clarity about your gifts and tools to bring the singular medicine that is uniquely yours to bring to the world.

A two days immersion into the memory of your future, to cut through the noise and get crystal clear on what’s next. Leverage the power of an intimate group of women to dive into questions that have been carefully crafted to reveal what’s under the surface, and what’s your heart’s deepest longings. Come prepared to illuminate blindspots, unblock what’s in your way and gain traction in the places that are most important for you to go to work on moving forward. Leave this workshop with practices and a new sense of steady unfolding. Expect to go away feeling expanded and packing practical moves for your evolution.

Some outcomes that become possible when you access your unique medicine and are empowered to do what is yours to do:

• Recurring patterns of self-sabotage, stuckness, or trauma can finally be healed so you can move forward.                           •Self-doubt falls away as you  naturally become more fully expressed, creatively, personally, and professionally.
• You cultivate a deepening connection to source, bringing more peace and love into your daily life. 

This workshop is offered three times a year over a weekend. It is designed as an alternation of short teachings and specific practices inviting you into direct experience through a spiritually integrated approach.

The 3 Steps of Unique Self Emergence:


Unveil & Reveal

3 Sessions + assessments and fieldwork in between sessions

This first module can be taken as a standalone or as a first step on the Rise Journey. Here we reveal your Immunity to Change and unveil your False Self’s limiting beliefs. We get clear on your growth edge and what developmental steps are needed to awaken you into what’s next. This step is perfect if you need some clarity and inspiration but are not sure whether you want to commit for the entire RISE journey.


Shed & Awaken

8 sessions + fieldwork and custom-practices in between sessions

The focus in this module is to shed the grip of your False Self’s patterns and for you to awaken to your True Self. We begin the work by examining how and why you have compromised yourself throughout your life — constructing a false personality or False Self — in order to ensure you had love, safety, and belonging. At the same time, we train you to open “the doors of perception” to awaken your True Self, experiencing the Universe as a field of love and wisdom that protects, defends and honors you.


Show up & Shine

8 sessions + fieldwork and custom practices in between sessions + 1 ritual to mark the completion of your entire journey.

In this final stage, I help you become better equipped to implement genuine and authentic change by tapping into your unique essence and giving your unique gifts. As you start to RISE into your heart-centered wisdom and leadership, you begin to experience yourself and everyone else as unique beings with unique contributions.

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