Your Unique Self  is ready
to emerge.

(Will you answer the call?)

In this experiential 2-day workshop, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Unique Self theory and learn the three practices at the core of the Unique Self Emergence Process. You will come out of these two days with more clarity about your gifts and tools to bring the singular medicine that is uniquely yours to bring to the world.

It’s an invitation to the radical awakening that we are each totally unique and yet inseparable from the seamless fabric of the universe. We provide tools and a roadmap to navigate your journey toward self-realization with greater ease. Instead of fumbling alone in the dark, we help illuminate the path, showing you the different stages to expect along the way, and offering practical guidance to get where you most want to go.

Some outcomes that become possible when you awaken to your Unique Self:

• self-doubt falls away as you learn to recognize and discern the voice of the False Self • you naturally become more fully expressed, creatively, personally, and professionally • recurring patterns of self-sabotage, stuckness, or trauma can finally be healed so you can move forward • you cultivate a deepening connection to source, bringing more peace and love into your daily life
This workshop is offered three times a year over a weekend. It is designed as an alternation of short teachings and specific practices inviting you into direct experience through a spiritually integrated approach.

The 3 Steps of Unique Self Emergence:



Meet & Shed Patterns of the Separate Self

Using various tools and practices, identify your false-self contractions and write an individualized practice to release your ego contractions.



Awaken & Experience True Self

Discover the three faces of the Divine, which are also the three gateways to True Self. The Divine resides in each of us (first person), the relational Divine that lives in the I – thou relationship, and finally, and the divine that resides in All That Is.



Shine through the Emergence of the Unique Self

Through original practices, you will experience your Unique Self and the symphony of Unique Selves as it may emerge in a group. You will go beyond the boundaries of your small self to let your unique essence and your own light appear.

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