Our roots are
deep & integral.

(Learn the philosophical foundations of Unique Self Theory.)

Developed and articulated by Dr. Marc Gafni in his seminal book “Your Unique Self,” the Unique Self theory started as an original enlightenment teaching with antecedents in Western and Eastern enlightenment traditions, especially the Kabbalah lineage. 

The first iteration of the “Unique Self Emergence Process” was developed in 2013 by Barbara Alexander and myself, as a holistic psycho-spiritual technology that can address the “whole being” – heart, body, and soul. This approach has continued to evolve and it is now at the heart of all my coaching programs. 

To better understand the theory that underpins this work, let’s look at some definitions of the language we most commonly use in this work.

What do we mean by Self?

All the great spiritual traditions oppose two selves: a “true” self and a “separate” or “false” self. This latter self is made of impulses, memories, fears, and other instincts that you consider as “me.” While the separate self and false self are distinct aspects of the personality/ego, they are both born from the illusion of being separate from the Field of Oneness/ Source/ God.

While your separate self is mortal, your true Self is eternal. It is your pure consciousness that exists outside of time. It is the essence, the Source, the infinite, the sacred, the cosmos that reveals itself in you.

Your Unique Self is not your ego or personality. It is the essence that underlies your personality and extends beyond it. Dr. Gafni calls it “the personal face of essence”, or “the unique spark of God that lives in you”. Your Unique Self is the infinite Love-intelligence that is all that is, that lives in you as you and through you. You are therefore unique and your uniqueness is revealed and realized throughout your life.

What is Unique Self?

Your Unique Self is not your ego or personality. It is the essence that underlies your personality and extends beyond it. Your Unique Self is the way in which Source expresses itself through and as you, uniquely. 

In other words, your Unique Self is the way the Love-intelligence lives in you, as you, and through you. When you begin to awaken consciously to how you are being lived as Love, you can begin to act in the world, from that realization. This is what it means to put your Heart into Action..

What do we mean by Awakening?

Classically, awakening is described as the process of dis-identification from your ego, when you awaken to the realization that you are part of One consciousness – the Field, Source, Divinity.

However, Unique Self theory affirms that this realization is only the first step and only the beginning of the path to your full realization. In Unique Self awakening, you become aware that you are the unique expression of the universal Source of Love; this is your Unique Self.

In order to access your Unique Self and truly express it, the first step is to let go of your sole identification to your “ego” self, or Separate Self, and to realize that you are part of a whole, indivisible, infinite, absolute One field of consciousness and love.

The second step involves a process of recognizing that not only are you a part of the whole field, but you are also a unique singular, irreducible expression of that field.

By allowing their Unique Self to emerge, each human being becomes a feature of the cosmos and an element of creation and transformation. Each of us in his or her Unique Self is therefore in his or her place, in his or her life mission, in the perspective chosen by the Universe for him or her.

It is therefore incumbent upon each of us to awaken and offer to the world our particular gifts, necessary for the evolution and transformation of consciousness. ( visit Uniqueselfinstitute.com for more education on the Unique Self teachings).

What do we mean by Source?

This is the Love  Intelligence or Love force that animates and drives reality, which lives in you, as you, and through you, uniquely. Every human being is a unique expression of that Love/ Source. 

As such, each of us has a unique contribution to make that is informed by our unique perspective and intimacy within our sphere of influence, care, and concern. 

An Evolutionary Roadmap

In our hearts, we know that a "more beautiful world is possible". By integrating universal truths from both the Eastern and Western mystery traditions, the Unique Self teachings invite us to step up to as empowered actors to support the transition our world is currently moving through. The essence of these teachings is that it is incumbent upon each one of us, to realise our Unique Self so we can give our innate gifts as a service to the world.