Z – Testimonials

I was searching under every cover of every book and knocking on every door seeking peace and purpose. I hardly recognize the woman who started the Unique Self Emergence Process nine months ago. It was everything I didn’t know I really needed. A whole new approach to my life has been crafted.

I wish everyone could do this – for whatever kind of suffering – it shifts all.

The Unique Self Emergence process has taken me on a wonderful inquiry, allowing me to come closer to my deeper self, to experience and embrace my feelings more fully, and to find more peace and joy in my life. The coaching and support has helped me establish a meditation routine, which I have been wanting to do for a long time. The weekly exercises have given me great ways to help myself when facing difficult emotions and tense situations.

The Unique Self Emergence Process has been a very elegant and practical approach to my development. The process provided inspiration to take regular formal reflective time and to engage in the useful daily practices that continue to move my own development forward.

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