Exquisitely Awake. Fully Human.

Absolutely Unique.

A powerful framework for psycho-spiritual transformation. Thousands of years of gestation, three years of development, all for your one precious life.



What is Unique Self Emergence?

Unique Self Emergence is a comprehensive, dynamic, and modular framework for radical spiritual and psychological transformation.

A deep integration of 21st century psychology and ageless wisdom, Unique Self Emergence is a simple, elegant, and profoundly powerful framework for the entire journey of human development.

This process is both inspired and primarily rooted in the seminal Unique Self distinctions articulated by Dr. Marc Gafni’s Unique Self Theory and Enlightenment Teachings. Further, it is supported by the work of Sally Kempton, Ken Wilber, Dr. Susan Rhodes, Dr. Robert Kegan, Dustin DiPerna, Dr. Otto Scharmer, Kathleen Dowling Singh, Dr. Rick Hanson, Abbot Jun Po Denis Kelly, Dr. Stephen Wolinsky, and Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter.



The Fundamental Framework

The bedrock of the Unique Self Emergence Process are the Four Modules. These four modules map the totality of the human developmental journey. Each module unlocks a particular stage of development and offers powerful practices to accelerate the unfolding of human consciousness.

The discovery of who you really are and why you are here unfolds in a trajectory we call: Grow Up, Wake Up, Clean Up and Show Up.

Join Us for Group Transformational Coaching

Beginning June 20 – 24, 2018 in San Anselmo, California

A 20 Week Transformational Program – Two, 3-Day Retreat Intensives and Individual Coaching with Claire and Barbara.

You Will Be Changed!


If you work in a helping profession and you seek to incorporate a spiritual growth dimension into your current work with your clients, I highly recommend the Unique Self Emergence Process Certification Program as a way to evolve your consciousness and theirs. This training is an important step towards facilitating your own emergence, and that of your clients.

Dr. Marc Gafni

President, Center for Integral Wisdom

Every now and then a genuine breakthrough occurs in the movement for self evolution. It occurred with Michael Murphy and George Leonard launching the Human Potential Movement.

With the advent of the Unique Self Emergence Process offered by Claire Molinard and Barbara Alexander, the next breakthrough has emerged.

Based on Marc Gafni’s seminal teachings on Unique Self, the Unique Self Emergence Process offers us an evolutionary activation of our passion and power. We learn to express the Impulse of Evolution pulsing in every one of us for more life, more love, more creativity.

I highly recommend this vital work.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

The Unique Self Emergence Process is a powerful combination of cutting-edge wisdom, psychological acuity, and innovative practical strategies for inner transformation. Barbara Alexander and Claire Molinard are extraordinary facilitators, who have helped many people turn the corner into a more awake, alive, and self-empowered life.

Sally Kempton

Workshop and seminar leader and author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

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