The Four Modules

The Unique Self Emergence Process is a path to a radical shift in identity. This is a clear, elegant, and yet profoundly powerful framework for the entire journey of human development.
The Four Modules are the bedrock of the Unique Self Emergence Process.
The discovery of who you really are and why you are here unfolds in a trajectory of development we call: Grow Up, Wake Up, Clean Up and Show Up. These four modules map the totality of the human journey.

Grow Up – The Separate Self Module

First you discover that your hard earned individuality, or separate self, is only the first step of the journey to becoming fully human. The next step is to Grow Up by learning to release the personality patterns that reinforce your separate self identity. This work opens you to recognize your true identity as True Self.

Teachings of the Separate Self Module
  • Learn how the Separate Self develops as part of the normal trajectory of individuation
  • Discover how a unique personality pattern, called the persona, or the False Self emerges as part of this developmental phase
  • Deconstruct the False Self patterns that block your growth and development by developing the capacity to witness your pattern and release the emotional and somatic contractions
  • Open to the healing power of compassion
Benefits of the Separate Self Module
  • Live a life free from the emotional and somatic contractions that inhibit your natural expression and fulfillment
  • Experience a freedom from exclusively identifying as your Separate Self
Example Practice
Self Love Guided Meditation (MP3) & Why Compassion?

Wake Up – The True Self Module

Here you discover that your essence, who you really are at the deepest level, is one with all there is. You have indeed been operating with a case of mistaken identity.
In this module you wake up to the realization that you are that One, and you learn to deepen your connection to Source, that which is always, already there. You identify as True Self and come to know that you are part of the seamless coat of the universe.

Teachings of the True Self Module
  • Learn how the True Self is remembered
  • Discover your unique path to connect with Source
  • Experience True Self as your access deepens and you rest in and are held by Source
Benefits of the True Self Module
  • Experience what it’s like to be sourced by the One
  • Experience the interconnectedness of your life with all life
  • Discover the spaciousness available to you when you identify with True Self
  • Experience an ease in navigating life’s challenges
Example Practice
Awakening to Your True Self Guided Meditation

Clean Up – The Unique Self Module

Oneness for many spiritual traditions is the end of the journey. Unique Self Teachings, however, take you to the next realization – you are a unique expression of Source. The Love Intelligence you discovered in the previous module is living in you, as you and through you in an absolutely unique expression of human divinity.
In this module you anchor the consciousness of this reality in your day-to-day life. Your growth continues as you discover your uniqueness and come to realize that you are a precious gift to the world.

Teachings of the Unique Self Module
  • Learn how your unique shadow is a path to your Unique Self
  • Develop the capacity to hold your Unique Self center in the midst of life’s challenges
  • Cultivate outrageous love and compassion for yourself/others/all sentient beings
Benefits of the Unique Self Module
  • Experience Radical Aliveness in which the meaning of your life is self evident
  • Find the true Love that lives at the core of your being and experience the joy and delight of being lived as that Love
Example Practice
Confessing Your Greatness

Show Up – The Evolutionary Unique Self Module

Your Unique Self continues to emerge in the last stage of the journey as you tap even more deeply into your unique manifestation and the gifts you offer to the world.
You find you have an obligation to offer yourself for the good of the world as you recognize that you are being lived by Source. Living in the flow of this energy is the true purpose of human existence.

Teachings of the Evolutionary Unique Self Module
  • Translate the felt sense of your unique gift into its expression through language, voice and actions
  • Respond to the obligation that your gift entails by offering yourself to the world
Benefits of the Evolutionary Unique Self Module
  • Move towards greater contact, creativity and depth in all dimensions of your life
  • Develop evolutionary partnerships with other Unique Selves

Where are you going?

While there have been individuals throughout history who have undertaken this mysterious voyage, never before has a system been available that so powerfully facilitates the journey into an integrative framework of psychological and spiritual development.
The teachings of Unique Self Emergence can help you solidify your insights, recognize your innate divinity, and push into new horizons of growth and development. These modules are not linear and instead form a spiral, reflecting back on one another in an infinite loop of ever-deepening insight and understanding.
This journey is your birthright. It is why you were born and it is that which is keeping you alive.
The furthest reaches of human development are available to you. Are you ready to take the next step?

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