Unique Self Emergence Facilitator Training

Embody your Unique Self, facilitate your clients’ emergence into freedom, and contribute to the evolution of consciousness.

A comprehensive, dynamic, and modular framework for radical spiritual and psychological transformation.

The Unique Self Emergence Process is an elegant and practical structure designed to facilitate significant leaps forward in a person’s emergence into all they are created to be. Our flagship 9-month certification program trains change agents to utilize the process with individuals and groups in a variety of contexts. 
We encourage you to look through the material about this training below. If at any time you would like to arrange a call to explore the program with us, please arrange a call!

Understand the Arc of Your Journey


An introduction to the theory and practice of the Unique Self Emergence Process. This free course include four pdfs delivered straight to your inbox.

Graduate Testimonials

Everything I have learned in the Unique Self Emergence Facilitator Training has helped me go so much deeper in my work as a Craniosacral Therapist. I am able to tap into layers of emotions that I now have the tools and the ability to talk clients through and then offer them the USEP if they want to go deeper themselves in their own process.

I have grown, and have a deeper understanding of myself. I have been able to recognize where my shadow side/contractions, stop me from moving forward and blossoming and growing. I am able to stop repeating negative patterns as now I am aware of them and have the practices to move through them and into my Unique powerful self! And this is what I have been able to transfer to my clients. Emmanuelle Passes

Massage and Craniosacral Therapist

“The Unique Self Facilitator Training has been an amazing gift–one in which I feel like my whole life’s work has been honored.

I have felt supported continuously and have been able to integrate all of my various interests – particularly spirituality and psychology – into a cohesive process. I am very grateful for this offering and look forward to working with it with clients in the future.” DR. RITU ESBJORN

Marriage and Family Therapist

When I first heard about the Unique Self Emergence Facilitator Program, I had every reason to believe this could be a door opening to a deeper understanding of what is most sacred in my life . . . and it was. The practices for each stage of the process, the readings, journaling and sessions with my faculty coach brought me again and again into an embodied experience of feeling connected to all. That understanding and feeling have continued and are there whenever I return from bouts of ego and separation.

My passion is working with individuals or groups who would like to explore their own spiritual growth with compassion and courage. The Unique Self Emergence Process offers extraordinarily effective strategies for doing this work in a way that meets each person where they are and guides them to become more of who they want to be. Kate Raymond

Spiritual Director

What happens in the process?

Barbara Alexander

What happens in the process?

Barbara Alexander

We believe that everyone has a unique purpose and that happiness arises naturally when one gives their unique calling as a gift to the world.

This is what it means to be living as a Unique Self.


What the nine month certification program includes . . .

Three 4-day intensives

The first two are four day and the last a three day intensive, a total of 90 contact hours. The cohort limit is fifteen.

Individualized coaching to facilitate your own Unique Self emergence.

Ten 75 minute coaching & supervision calls as well as online access to your faculty coach when you have questions or need support.

Supervision as you work with two volunteer clients to learn the Unique Self Emergence Process

Once you begin to work with your volunteer clients, the coaching calls will also offer supervision designed to facilitate your utilizing the USE Process with others.

Work between intensives that include reading, writing assignments, and practices

This work is significant. You can expect several hours a week, but no busy work, only assignments essential to the formative process.

Participation in an online Unique Self Emergence Learning Community

Each cohort has its own private Facebook page where assignments are posted and members can stay in contact and support each other.

As a certified facilitator you will be a part of our global learning community that is co-evolving the USEP for the benefit of all.

Upon completion you will join a growing community of Unique Self Emergence Facilitators who are finding remarkable ways to support each other as they use the process in a broad array of settings.

Graduate Testimonials

Who Should Attend

Coaches, Therapists, Spiritual Directors, Clergy, Body Workers and Consultants: this program is for you, and for all change agents whose own journey leads them to desire to play a role in the spiritual development of their clients—one that is grounded in sound psychological and spiritual principles.
The principles and framework of Unique Self Emergence can be integrated into a variety of modalities. Students have utilized the framework in the context of therapy, leadership development, coaching, bodywork, and spiritual direction. The modular nature of the framework enables you to integrate it into your work in whatever way you feel called!

Program Highlights


Embody the Unique Self Emergence Process

One of the Unique Self Emergence Collective’s core faculty will guide you through the Unique Self Emergence Process fourth module. Here you will deepen your experience of your Unique Self and the gifts you have to offer the world. As you begin to work with your volunteer clients, you’ll have a real time experience of the subtle remainders of your False Self Pattern and be coached in how to continue to loosen its grip.

Understand the Unique Self Emergence Process

Through lectures, exercises, and resource materials you will learn the theoretical framework behind each aspect of the emergence process including the Unique Self Teachings, U Theory, foundational and advanced Integral Theory, Enneagram, neuroscience, and an integrally informed client assessment process.

Guide the Process by Leading Others

Working with two volunteer clients, you will learn to facilitate the complete process and integrate it into your practice while being supervised by your faculty coach. Upon successful completion of program, you will earn certification as a Unique Self Facilitator.


At the end of this nine-month training you’ll be able to:


  • Utilize a developmental process that offers a practical map for psycho-spiritual growth that gives access to a vibrant, alive sense of being, and a way to actively engage a life of meaning and purpose.
  • Effectively assist individuals by modeling the process through your own development.
  • Customize the process to fit the needs of your clients.
  • Utilize the process in ways we have not yet imagined.

Program includes:

  • Three 4-day on site intensives
  • Individual Emergence for your own embodiment of the process
  • Individual supervision as you work with volunteer clients
  • All learning materials including the Unique Self Emergence Process Manual and Practice Guide, with license to use all materials with clients (may not be shared with individuals other than clients)
  • Participation in the online Unique Self Emergence Collective learning community
  • Once certified, inclusion on the Unique Self Emergence website Facilitator Directory

Application Process

Download the application here.
Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted for a personal interview.

We recognize enrolling in a certification training program is a significant decision.We offer this training program on a sliding pay scale and are glad to make payment plans that work for all of us. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We would love to have the opportunity to talk it through with you.


Book a Free Call with Barbara or Claire. Let’s explore whether we are a “good fit.”

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