Fullfilment + impact

(A transformative journey that starts with you.)

I help reverent and sensitive women change-makers tap into their innate Source of wisdom, love and power, so they can lead with profound impact giving their unique contribution to a world that so desperately needs their service.

The Unique Self Emergence Process

The deployment of your authentic Leadership, giving your unique gifts and doing what is yours to do
unfolds in distinct steps of development:


Unveil & Reveal

The first step in the journey is a deep dive into your heart and soul’s as we engage into processes that unveil your Immunity to Change and begin to reveal the personality patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, disempowered and overwhelmed in ways of being that no longer serve you. Once we are clear on your developmental objectives we then design a clear and inspiring path forward which will bring all of your onboard. This first module can be taken as a standalone and might be the perfect first step for you, if you need quick clarity and inspiration but are not sure whether you want to commit for the entire RISE journey.


Shed & Awaken

Here, our focus turns to shedding the grip of the personality patterns and limiting beliefs which keep you stuck in disempowered ways of being. We examine how and why you have compromised yourself throughout your life — constructing a false personality or False Self — in order to ensure you had love, safety, and belonging. At the same time, we  initiate a process of awakening  to your True Self – the essential nature of your deepest identity, which is known by many names, in all traditions, often referred to as Source, or the Love Intelligence that informs and lies at the core of all existence. As you deepen and cultivate this connection, you begin to access an inner guidance and support which begins to inform and guide you as you lead, and live your life. 


Show up & Shine

In this phase, our focus is to train you to taking incremental new steps at Showing up, tapping into your unique essence and trusting your unique gifts. As you begin to embrace your unique expression, your leadership begins to source itself from an innate place of wisdom, love and power. In  the midst of the inevitable challenges, limitations and obstructions in your workplace, you realise that the Love Intelligence you discovered in the previous phase is living in you, as you and through you uniquely, in this woman form, as you contribute to birthing a new world in these days and times. 

These steps are the bedrock of the Unique Self Emergence Process, constituting a comprehensive, dynamic, and modular framework for a radical transformation in how you impact change, leading “from within.”  This is a non-linear process of spiraling growth,  as the modules keep reflecting on one another in an infinite loop of ever-deepening insights and understanding. This Unique journey is your birthright. It is why you were born, and the new leadership paradigm is calling you forth.  

Are you ready for a radical   shift in how you lead, and love as your unique self?

See the various ways you can engage with me

•  RISE 

This is my Signature program designed to help you rise above the chaos and become a resilient and vibrant changemaker, leading with impact and influence. Entirely private, RISE offers my most personal and customized support. Together we clarify your goals for development and design an individualized coaching program that meets your unique trajectory of growth and impact. Our work together is about helping you awaken your heart and body’s innate intelligence to engage what’s essentially unique in you to create sustainable and powerful change. 


Start whenever you're ready. Get in touch today to see if this option is a fit for you.

• Women RISE

Women RISE, is for you if you want to engage the RISE curriculum within a community of like-minded women who walk a similar path as yours. It for all women leaders ready to move from depleted, isolated, and discouraged to energized, interconnected, and engaged. This program offers the best of both worlds, as it provides the possibility to tap into a deep feminine field of support, with options for additional private support.  



• SHE (Sanctuary for Her Emergence)

This is our free online community open to all women changemakers. Join us periodically for free events and workshops and access our free content within our private online space. 


join our free online community any time and participate to our free events throughout the year.

  • Unique Self Emergence 2-Day Workshop

This experiential 2-day workshop is an individual and collective journey towards radical singularity, which makes each of us at the same time exquisitely unique and yet not separated from the “seamless fabric of the universe.”

You’ll leave the workshop having learned and practiced my three-step process on how to invite your own Unique Self to emerge — and how to contribute to the world in a way that only you can.