Fullfilment + impact

(A transformative journey that starts with you.)

With over 30 years of energetic, somatic, spiritual, and psychological study and practice, I have traced patterns in the human developmental journey to help you access your essential gifts to have the impact and self-actualization you yearn for.

The Unique Self Emergence Method

The discovery of who you really are and why you are here
unfolds in distinct steps of development,
which we call: Shed, Awaken, Shine.



The first step is the discovery that your hard-earned individuality, or Separate Self, is only the first step of the journey to becoming fully human. Next, learn to recognize your Immunity to Change, release the personality patterns that reinforce your sense of separateness, and begin to Wake up to the possibility that you are so much more than who you think you are! 



Here, you Wake-Up to the realization that your essence, who you really are, at the deepest level, is One with Source. Known by many names, this is the One True Self you and everyone is a part of. Learn to deepen and cultivate a life-long deepening relationship with the Ground of Being, the “One that has no other”.



Where Oneness is the end of the journey in many spiritual traditions, Unique Self Emergence anchors you as a unique expression of Source. The Love Intelligence you discovered in the previous phase is living in you, as you and through you in an absolutely unique expression of human divinity. In this phase, we have three areas of focus:  Clean Up, or Shadow Work. Grow Up and Show Up: An Integral approach to vertical development, which focuses on revealing your unique gifts,  and deploying them in your unique circle of influence. 

These steps are the bedrock of the Unique Self Emergence Process, which constitutes a comprehensive, dynamic, and modular framework for radical spiritual and psychological transformation.

This is a non-linear process of spiraling growth,  as the modules keep reflecting on one another in an infinite loop of ever-deepening insights and understanding. This journey is your birthright. It is why you were born, and it is that which is keeping you alive. The furthest reaches of human development are available to you. 

Are you ready for a radical   shift in identity?

See the various ways you can engage with me to start your journey today.

Private coaching is a powerful way to get deep and customized support on your journey toward self-actualization and impact.

Together we clarify your goals for development and design a bespoke coaching program that follows the three Unique Self Emergence phases of Shed, Awaken and Shine to support you to a radical shift of awakening while meeting your unique trajectory of growth and impact.

The whole process is available as a nine-month coaching trajectory or can be taken incrementally as three distinct modules (Shed, Awaken, and Shine).


Start whenever you're ready. Get in touch today to see if this option is a fit for you.

Doing this work while nourished in community can be a powerful way to progress with the momentum and energy of fellow heart-centered seekers on the journey.

There are two group coaching programs I run yearly:

• Hearts in Action
This ten-month group coaching program facilitates the emergence of your Unique Self, following the modular framework of the Unique Self Emergence process in an online intimate group setting (max twelve participants).


It kicks off each year at Spring Equinox and ends on the Winter Solstice of the same year.

• SHE (Sanctuary for Her Emergence) This nine-month coaching program dedicated to women is open to all those who — regardless of age, background, sexuality, or religion — wish to explore a powerfully feminine path of embodied spirituality.


Designed as a spiral, SHE begins each year at the winter solstice and ends at the fall equinox of the following year. (max twelve participants)

Unique Self Emergence 2-Day Workshop

This experiential 2-day workshop is an individual and collective journey towards the radical singularity, which makes each of us at the same time exquisitely unique and yet not separated from the “seamless fabric of the universe.”

You’ll leave the workshop having learned and practiced my three-step process on how to invite your own Unique Self to emerge — and how to contribute to the world in a way that only you can.


This workshop runs three times a year over a weekend.

Additional offerings...

Outrageous Love Festival

Every summer, we offer a week-long retreat called “Outrageous Love Festival” “Outrageous Love Festival ” in Holland. These retreats are the “dharma labs” where we come together as a community and practice “being lived as Love.” With Dr. Marc Gafni as our keynote teacher and our international panel of workshop facilitators, the Outrageous Love Festival is a unique experience that has changed many people’s lives since 2012. In 2022, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary! Enquire with me to learn more about the next live retreat:

Unique Self Emergence Facilitator training*:

Coaches, therapists, doctors, health care providers, we also offer a specific coaching program to all those who wish to guide their clients towards the emergence of their Unique Self.

Based on solid psychological and spiritual principles, the applications of Unique Self Emergence are numerous: therapy, leadership development, coaching, spiritual guidance.

In addition to the traditional program, you will study the theoretical framework of each aspect of the emergence process, including the teachings of the Unique Self, Theory U, the Integral Theory of the Enneagram, neuroscience, and assessment processes.


You will be supervised in the application of the 4 modules of the Unique Self Emergence process with your own clients. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be certified as a “Unique Self Emergence Facilitator“.

*After a two-year break, I am now working on creating a fully online training version of this training and hoping to offer that in 2023.