In last week’s Part One, we gave you an introduction to the Unique Self Emergence Process.

We described it as a change technology that draws on the Unique Self Teaching.

Central to that teaching is the recognition that all of creation is going through an evolutionary process animated by Spirit.

We explained how the Unique Self Emergence Process consciously taps into that creative power as it lives in us and through us, to help us grow and evolve into the fullness of our Unique Selves stories.

Today, we want to take you on a journey through each step of the process and clarify how people come to live more and more stably in their Unique Self with the help of this process

We facilitate the emergence of Unique Self as we engage in four series of practices (each series being a distinct module) designed to develop specific capacities that build on each other and that progressively come online as we move from Separate Self consciousness to Unique Self consciousness.


We start the process by focusing on releasing the strong grip of our Separate Self consciousness.


Rhett-WesleyIn this first module, called Growing Up, we literally train our brains to recognize when we are stuck in our False Self, the persona we’ve constructed after we’ve concluded that we are separate from Source. Rather than reacting from the thoughts and behaviors of the False Self, we learn to dis-identify from that false construct and act in a much more healthy way.


The release of the contractions and constructs of our False Self has prepared the ground; we’ve created the spaciousness in our awareness that allows for an experience of True Self. In the second module, called Waking Up, we discover that True Self is always, already present. We engage in practices that cultivate and stabilize this amazing realization. As it does, our sense of powerlessness or uselessness that’s attached to the identification to our False Self disappears. We feel empowered to embark on the life long journey of a deeper and deeper connection to Source.


All this has prepared us to discover the outlines of our Unique Self, which is the focus of our third module which focuses on Cleaning Up. This way of discovering our Unique Self may seem counter-intuitive. We discover our unique value by looking at our shadow behaviors, the things we’re ashamed of, the things that we sabotage ourselves with, which in essence are the unlived portions of our Unique Selves, placed into darkness.


When we recognize shadow behaviors with compassion rather than judgment, we can follow that shadow all the way back to our Unique Self. This Clean Up further enhances our Growing Up, as we evolve our capacity to hold more and to see more of reality.


We also engage in practices that allow us to recognize our unique gifts and qualities! That would be an egotistical move if our False Self did it, but the Unique Self is recognizing only how Spirit is living through us.


LoveLast but not least, as we awaken to our Unique Self, we grow and expand our capacity to receive and give Love to wider and wider circles. In this fourth module we’re literally using Love as a technology to bring Unique Self online, as Love IS the portal to Unique Self Consciousness.  This work involves training our brains to think from the perspective of the animating power of All That Is through our unique perspective, as we learn more and more to express the evolutionary power and love into the world.


This has to do with seeing ourselves as part of the overall pattern of creation. Instead thinking of ourselves as separate, we live from the perspective of knowing that our unique contribution is evolving reality, we are a part of evolution. That’s Showing Up.


By developing through these four modules, we find ourselves living out a life of purpose, a life rooted in joy, a life exploding with possibility.


The more we work on these capacities the more we see the development in our own lives and the lives of those we serve. And while we engage on these four modules in a linear way, what we come to realize is we are always simultaneously  Growing Up, Waking Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up. The process then can be re-engaged from a deeper place, at a different edge. The work’s never done!

We believe the Unique Self Teachings can change the world.


Designing a coaching process with the teachings as our framework is our unique gift and obligation. We offer it to the world through individual coaching. We have developed a training program for coaches, therapists, spiritual directors, consultants and body workers that teaches how to use the process to support their own clients on the journey to greater wholeness.

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