“We live in a world of outrageous pain, and the only response to outrageous pain, is outrageous Love.”  – Dr. Marc Gafni


The concept of Outrageous Love is a key principle in the Unique Self teachings, and the guiding light that illuminates the heart of those of us who practice living with our hearts open. We cannot escape or fight the world’s pain—or our own—nor can we ignore it. The common responses to pain, like avoidance or acting in haste, do not allow for us to solve or transform the outrageous pain that is part of our human experience.

Like so many around us, we are deeply saddened by the recent (August 2017) violence and hatred in Charlottesville and Barcelona. These events can leave one feeling helpless, wondering, “What can I do?”



And while we know in our deepest hearts that sending light and love to the ones who suffer, holding their pain in Love, praying for solutions, sending money to NGOs and connecting with others to create a healing field that keeps growing and evolving IS enough, there is another voice in us—the outraged one—who feels the overwhelming urgency to do more.


We are sure we are not alone with the feeling: “Is what I am doing enough? Am I being too passive? Too indifferent?”


It is important to understand that this is a natural reaction. Innately, all humans are moved towards goodness and light, and when we witness suffering and injustice our basic intuition is to want to do something to change it. We must learn to recognize that urgency within us as the very creative impulse of Love that drives towards greater wholeness and connection. It is a powerful, urgent energy that lives in us, which unless we are able to ride it consciously, often ends up being released unconsciously through sex, anger, frustration, and any number of other ways we find to release this energy that is just too much for us.


So when you feel that strong urge to do something, to change the world, see it as a signal. It is the creative energy of Love.


Be present to it, let it live in you and trust that your capacity to consciously hold both the pain and the love will manifest the healing we all long for. There is no end to the unique ways that healing and transformation will take place once we align with the energy of Love as it moves through us and uses our gifts.

For some it might be by finding solutions and creating some concrete actions, for others it might be holding space and changing the inner code of reality through creating a stronger field of Love. Each of us must do all we can, practice staying present with our hearts wide open, and eventually, when we have done all we can, we must trust that what we do and what we are, IS enough.



Outrageous Love is what Dante spoke of as the Love that moves the stars and the planets, and it is the cement that bonds the myriad manifestations of Life as One.


How do we access this Love and why is it important in our Unique Self emergence? 

We access this Love by dropping from our mind into our heart space. These two centers of perception—the mind and the heart—are worlds apart in the ways we experience life.
This is how it works. Each one of us is needed, with our unique contribution. We must follow the urgent energy towards goodness and love in our heart and trust that it will guide us to exactly where we can offer our unique gifts. Through our Unique Self Emergence practices, we learn to hold that energy and let it open us, soften us and strengthen us. We become used to riding the creative power and we learn to recognize the familiar strategies of our Separate Self that distract us from what Reality wants from us in the moment. We learn to stay connected to the Love that unites us and guides us all.


So we dare you, and ourselves, to each day welcome our pain and the pain of the world with our hearts wide open.


Let us all together hold the totality of Reality, both the outrageous pain and the outrageous love of the world so that we can love the moment open and transform our beloved world.

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