Unique Self Emergence

Exquisitely Awake. Fully Human. Absolutely Unique.

“God speaks to each of us as we are made, then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words, the numinous words, we hear before we begin:

You, called forth by your senses reach to the edge of your longing.

Become my body.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

You have something unique and important to offer the world.

The world needs you now, in all your uniqueness, to lovingly and fearlessly become fully yourself.
This is an epic journey we all find ourselves on, by virtue of our human birth.
You are at a point along this journey.
Maybe you don’t know what your gifts are.
Perhaps you have even come to suspect you don’t have any gifts.
It may be that you know what your gifts are, but something is blocking your ability to offer them to the world.
Maybe you’ve had significant spiritual openings, but can’t find a way to bring the truth of that experience into your life and the world.
Or maybe you’re ready to act as a beacon of transformation, but you lack a coherent framework to operationalize what you already know to be true.
Wherever you find yourself on your human journey, the Unique Self Emergence Process is here to serve you.

Thousands of years of gestation, three years of development, all for your one precious life.

Inspired by the giants of 21st century psychology and the ageless wisdom of world spirituality, The Unique Self Emergence Process is a cutting edge framework for psycho-spiritual development, crafted to help you grow up, wake up, clean up, and show up, fearlessly offering your gifts to the world.

Journey of Being and Becoming

A Poetic Video Experience of the Human Evolutionary Journey. Your Story!

The best words I can use to describe the Unique Self Emergence Process is profound, rigorous and enlightening.  Claire and Barbara have created a powerful transformational learning methodology that clearly maps the path to Unique Self Emergence.

I highly recommend this training to “serious practitioners” who want to facilitate the emergence of their own Unique Self as well as facilitate this awakening of consciousness with their clients.

Gilles Brouillette, Ph.D.

President, Transformation Learning Institute
Executive Coach & Leadership Expert

Grow Up - Module #1

Separate Self Module. Recognizing that your view of yourself is limited or false. Seeing that you are operating from a persona. This recognition sets you on a journey of letting go of your false constructs.

Wake up - Module #2

True Self Module. Waking up to the luminous and boundless reality of one’s true nature.

Clean Up - Module #3

Unique Self Module. A deeper practice, using Unique Shadow work, getting at those things that are blocking true expression of your uniqueness Cleaning up that which obscures your divine uniqueness. Learning to access deeper and wider capacity to give and receive love.

Show Up - Module #4

Evolutionary Unique Self Module. Recognizing you are connected with ultimate reality and that you are being lived by that ultimate reality. Thus you are compelled and obligated to show up in the world and offer yourself.

Tools to transform your life

There are two ways to experience the USE Process:


Use the process with others

Contribute to the evolution of consciousness on this planet by becoming certified to facilitate the Unique Self Emergence Process.
The Unique Self Emergence Process is a practical way to use this cutting edge developmental process to transform the lives of your clients. Completion of either the individual or group program is a pre-requisite for application to the Facilitator Training Program.
With our map, you can quickly situate your clients within their developmental trajectory; with our practices and methodologies, you can help your clients move rapidly through blockages, and open them up to new vistas of psycho-spiritual development.
Once you’ve experienced the process yourself, learn the theory and practice behind our integrated step-by-step process that reliably shifts people out of a place of separateness, and into a connection with the fabric of reality and their own uniqueness.

Read more about the Unique Self Emergence Training

For the benefit of all beings

We envision a world in which everyone recognizes their unique purpose and experiences the joy that arises naturally when living in alignment with one’s unique calling.
Those of us that are deeply concerned with the pain of the world often feel like there is nothing that we can do. We feel overwhelmed and numb out or move into despair. We madly work at something to try and make the world different.
We believe that the most effective way to respond to the outrageous pain of the world is with the outrageous love of offering our unique gifts for the benefit of all.
This is our divine obligation.
Unique Self Emergence exists to help people meet this sacred and divine obligation with confidence, clarity, and compassion.

Read more about the Unique Self Emergence Process for Individuals

The Unique Self Emergence Training is a journey that is deep, wide and transformational, delivered though a solid background of theory, practice and vision. Barbara and Claire are divine architects who have structured an intelligent, systematic and beautifully comprehensive program, which at the very least will knock your socks off. This is an advanced psycho-spiritual exploration into all aspects of the ‘”Self” with the capacity to wake you, shake you and change you at the core. So, if you’re looking for “real deal” transformational work, this is it!

Sandra Paolini, M.A., M.F.T., C.H.T.

Marriage and Family Therapist

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